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More Award News

It’s so exciting to hear Lockwood being nominated for literary awards – to know that young people around the world are reading it and choosing it out as their top read.

This month two prizes have nominated The Screaming Staircase for an award - the Northern Ireland Book Award and the ‘We Read’ Award. More details on both prizes below and watch this space for news about shortlistings and, hopefully, some wins down the line!

Pick of the year 2013

As the year comes to close the newspapers and media outlets around the world take a moment to look back and review the best books of the year. The Screaming Staircase has made it in to a number of these round-ups:

The Guardian chooses Lockwood in their top books of the year: “The book is genuinely spooky and suspenseful, with appealing characters and great dialogue, and all shot through with Stroud's dry wit.”

The Financial Times' Christmas round-up also selects Lockwood: "A delicious mixture of bone-dry wit and spooky shocks." 

Literary Review also lists Lockwood in its best twelve best books of the year:
“…those who encounter Lucy will find more than enough to keep them entertained.”

The Screaming Staircase also makes it in to National Public Radio’s top 100 books of 2013. Chosen by NPR staff member, Emily Ecton says: “If you're into gripping and suspenseful ghost stories mixed with dry humor, this book is for you.”

Lockwood is chosen by independent bookshops across Americas as a top pick for 2013. Reviewer and bookseller Mark Adam of Mrs. Nelson’s Toy and Book Shop, La Verne, CA, comments on the book: “Stroud’s characters are well developed, the plotting is fun, and the writing is full of lots of humor that counterbalances the scare-factor and action.”–2014-kids'-indie-next-list-preview

The Children’s Book Review selects Lockwood in their best reads of the year: “Readers who enjoyed the action, suspense, and humor in Jonathan Stroud’s internationally best-selling Bartimaeus books will be delighted to find the same ingredients, combined with deliciously creepy scares, in his thrilling and chilling Lockwood & Co. series.”

Latest Lockwood reviews

A fantastic reader review of The Screaming Staircase went up on the Guardian Kids Books Site:
“This was absolutely excellent. I loved the story, the amount of suspense and creepiness was exactly right to keep me reading page after page very quickly. I really liked all three of the main characters, especially Lockwood who was smooth, intelligent, witty and charming.”

And a glowing write up on blog, The Book Plank:
"The Screaming Staircase is a magnificent start to a new series... if you are stilling looking for a Christmas present, get your kids this book."

Word Candy blog has also recently reviewed The Screaming Staircase: "This is the first book of a series, and it's set the standard very, very high"

The Indian edition of Time Out magazine just reviewed Lockwood, saying:
“His new series is chilling and funny at the same time. The ghosts portrayed in the book are macabre and frighteningly real. Yet, it's a compelling read, with endearing characters.”

More award news

Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase has been shortlisted for the 2014 Worcester Teen Book Award. The ghost fighting trio stand amongst good company – also on the shortlist are Anthony Horowitz and Patrick Ness. The winner of the award will be announced in March next year.

The Guardian Halloween story is complete

Jonathan's adventure in to the world of interactive writing has now come to end – the Lockwood & Co. story Jonathan created for the Guardian for Halloween has now come to an end.

Readers around the world helped to creatre the story, suggesting settings, ghosts, titles and jokes to get Jonathan started. Then, over a week-long period in October, Jonathan wrote a chunk of the story every day which was posted on to the Guardian website and readers were asked to decide what happened next.

Missed the story? Don't worry, you can read it here:

And did Jonathan enjoy being told what to write or did editorial independence fight back? Read more here:

To add another nice piece of Guardian activity to the Lockwood press file, The Screaming Staircase was chosen by author Sandra Greaves for a Halloween top 10 ghost stories article: "Fantastic characters, fast-paced action, and truly alarming in places."

Carnegie nomination!

Hugely exciting news this week; The Screaming Staircase has been nominated for the Carnegie medal! This is one of the biggest literary awards in the UK and is chosen by a judging committee made up of some of the best children's librarians in the country.

The nominations are the first round of the award process – now a panel of judging librarians will choose a longlist, then whittle that to a shortlist and from there choose the winning book.

Jonathan is thrilled by this news: "This is a big one for me, it's the award everyone wants to win and I'm just delighted to have Lockwood in the mix."

Lockwood stands amongst fine company on the nomination list:

The shortlist will be announced in February next year, with the winner chosen in June.


Time for Lockwood Cake?

The culinary highlight of Jonathan's UK promotional tour must be his visit to Droitwich High School where a very talented parent (thank you Kerry Palmer) had made a Lockwood inspired cake, complete with magnesium flare, iron filings and, of course, a cup of tea and biscuit!

Click here for the story


Good Reads Choice Awards 2013

Great to see Lockwood's made it in to the running for the GoodReads Best Books in 2013 award. Please vote now for our favourite ghost-hunting team!


When Jonathan met Rick

In case you missed it, Jonathan and Rick Riordan did a two-way email interview exclusively for earlier this autumn. The interview is now published in its entirety on Rick's website. Do make a cup of tea and find ten minutes to read this, it's a fantastic and insightful interview:


Video interview from Scotland

While Jonathan was in Edinburgh for the literary festival this summer, he did a number of interviews in print and for broadcast. This filmed interview has just gone live on Summerhall TV's website:


Lockwood reviews keep coming!

Top book blogger Daisy Chain Book Reviews has just posted her verdict on Lockwood:
"The Screaming Staircase was such a fun and enjoyable book with a great cast of characters and a lot of witty dialogue."

Children's Books Ireland have just published their annual 'recommended reads' booklet which happily includes The Screaming Staircase: "Stroud is one of the smartest and most talented writers around – and Lockwood & Co. is a rich, twisted and intricate world."



Second vote for Guardian interactive Halloween story now open!
18th October 2013

The second vote and chance for you to help create a Lockwood story especially for Halloween is now open on the Guardian website. This time you must choose a title for the story and a funny joke or situation for Jonathan to include. Get your thinking caps (ghost-hunting caps?) on now!



Could you work for Lockwood & Co.? New interactive Lockwood video game launches!
14th October 2013

Today sees the global launch of a Lockwood interactive video game. Users are put in the shoes of Lucy, Lockwood and George exploring a dark, derelict house with all the typical signs of a haunting. Seen through the eyes of the investigator the game has an immediacy and tension you won't forget in a hurry. We promise you – it's very scary!

Test your Psychic Sensitivity with this interactive training video for new field operatives. Enter the haunted house with Anthony Lockwood himself, if you dare, and face a strong Type II apparition. Make the right choices to keep the ghost at bay and locate and contain the source.

Share with your friends and see who can make it out alive.

Good luck!


The New York Times reviews Lockwood & Co!
11th October 2013

This weekend The New York Times reviewed The Screaming Staircase saying:

"With the same sophisticated imagination that made his Bartimaeus series such a success, Stroud's writing is assured and nimble. He's terrific at mixing the macabre with high-school-level repartee:

"Well, that was useful."


"No. I'm being ironic. Or is it sarcastic? I can never remember."

"Irony's cleverer, so you're probably being sarcastic."

A large part of the fun for any former teenager reading these books is recognizing background Victoriana. Is Gleason's seamstress Madame Varney any relation to Varney the Vampire? Do the Brontës haunt Stroud's novel, with the Red Room and the name Fairfax wafting in from "Jane Eyre" and Lockwood's name a revenant from "Wuthering Heights"? If such games appeal to you, stay alert."


Want to meet Jonathan? UK tour begins and tickets available for two public events
14th October 2013

The next fortnight sees Jonathan travelling around the UK visiting schools, bookshops and libraries to talk about Lockwood & Co. If you're in the UK and want to attend an event there are two event open to the public:

Thursday 17th October 2013
Ipswich Children's Book Group hosts an evening event with Jonathan Stroud
18.45 in the County Library, Ipswich IP1 3DE
Call for tickets: 01473 714672

Wednesday 23rd October 2013
Dudley Children's Book Group hosts an evening event with Jonathan Stroud
19.00 at the Earls High School, Halesowen, Birmingham B63 3SL
Call for tickets: 01384 816105


Lockwood joins up with The Guardian for interactive Halloween story!
10th October 2013

Have you ever read a book and wished you could change the ending? Or influence the story? Or tell the characters what to do? Well now is your chance to help write a Lockwood story…

This week sees the launch of an exciting partnership between Lockwood & Co and The Guardian. Jonathan will be writing a live, interactive story during half-term asking young people to help him create the story. The partnership launches this Friday when Jonathan will be asking kids to come up with ideas for ghosts, settings, jokes and more to include in this exclusive Lockwood adventure.

The beginning of the story will go live on Saturday 26th October, and each day of half-term Jonathan will post up a new bit of the story and ask for more suggestions of what happens next. The story will be finished on 31st October, Halloween, and published on the Guardian site in full for everyone to read.

To take part in this exciting, interactive story, click here for The Guardian's polling and suggestions page

Latest coverage for The Screaming Staircase
8th October 2013

The reviews, interviews and buzz continue this month as more Lockwood coverage pops up all over the internet and print media including:

The Telegraph recommends their top ten audio books this month, including Lockwood & Co on the list:

“a really well-done and exciting page-turner” say Common Sense Media in their Halloween books round up.

The Blog of a Bookoholic sums up Jonathan’s book saying: “Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase is an utterly outstanding novel that everyone must have the pleasure of reading! As you read it, you will enjoy being immersed into the eerie, hair-raising atmosphere and shrieking at some moments from terror, and at other parts because of sheer delight!”

Calling all Dads! Lockwood is the perfect book to read with your son or daughter, share the scares as a blog called Adventures by Daddy confirms: “Oh heck, this father enjoyed the book just as much as when he read Harry Potter or The Hunger Games before handing them down to his daughters.  I can’t wait for Book 2 of Lockwood & Co.”

Review on Literary Grand Rounds blog: “In all its ghostly glory, Screaming Staircase will leave you wanting to read the next installment. Highly recommended!”

A Little Ink blogger heaps high praise on Lockwood saying “one of the best children’s books I have ever read”

The Social Potato also reviewed Lockwood: “There is so much to love in this book: the endearing, well-polished characters; the enchanting, well-written narration; and the hypnotic, effective atmosphere.”

If you’re stuck for a book to read or buy for a young person you know, check out’s flow chart recommending the best books around – including Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase:

If you want to be in with the chance of winging a signed US edition of The Screaming Staircase, enter the contest on Boys Life Magazine here:

If you haven’t yet bought Lockwood or would like to recommend it to a friend, there is an extract over on the World Book Day app right now to give a little taster:


Stroud takes over Random House UK blog
1st October 2013

Jonathan’s takeover of the Random House UK blog, Totally Random Books, happened for a month in September. Jonathan wrote a weekly article for the blog which inspired much debate and interaction, especially the biscuitometer!

Read and laugh as you catch up on the guest blogs:

Lockwood: creation to publication:

Jonathan’s best things about school:

The, now famous, biscuitometer!

Jonathan’s touring tips:


More praise and coverage for Lockwood & Co!
11th September 2013

More buzz online and in bookshops this week as the UK edition of Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase gains pace.

A brilliant independent bookshop in New Zealand, Page & Blackmore in Nelson, has created an amazing window display, pictured right, around Lockwood!

English newspaper in India, DNA in Mumbai, have reviewed the book saying “With this new series, Stroud brings refreshing goosebumps, spine chilling read and spectacular environment-centric story narration…a perfect page-turner.”
Click here for the full review

Book blog, Nayu’s Reading Corner, just posted a review saying: “A good story brilliantly told - Stroud is an excellent storyteller.”
Full review

And Jonathan’s taken over ‘Totally Random Books’, a Random House UK site, as the author-in-residence for September, starting his residency talking about what it feels like to have a new book unleashed to the world. Visit the site And his second post talks about his school days. Visit here

Bookshelves of Doom blog says of Lockwood “It's smart, it's scary, it's exciting, it's funny, it's got loads of atmosphere and great world-building and DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE IT?” The blogger hosts an article about Jonathan’s top seven favourite swordsmen too. Read it here

Little Luna’s Library blog heap praise on the ghostbusting tale too: “It’s not often that you get the story, character and writing to work together so perfectly. Don’t ask me to find a fault in this book because I’m going to struggle. It ended – there that’s a fault.”
Full review

If you’re looking to buy Lockwood & Co on then you’ll see the seven reader reviews, all of whom have given it the top rank of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆ Read them here


Lockwood & Co UK launch party
9th September 2013

Random House Children's Publishers held a launch party last week in a spooky, haunted pub in central London.

The tunnels and vaults below The Old Bank pub are said to be where notorious Daemon Barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd, carried out his atrocities. He was famous for his pies too – hence the party seeing guests served pies, a Lockwood cake complete with spiders and bloody mary cocktails!

The packed event was attended by a fantastic mix of the most influential people in UK publishing – literary journalists, book bloggers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, oh, and Jonathan himself of course! Jonathan also brought his family along, who proved useful in a demonstration of ghost-hunting equipment.

It was also a pleasure to have some superfans attend the party too – three winners of a facebook competition came along to meet Jonathan and get their books signed.


Lockwood UK Blog Tour recap
11th September 2013

Here’s a summary of the UK blog tour to celebrate publication of Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase. From laugh-out-loud entries to truly insightful revelations, it’s rich reading. Get the kettle on and check out the links below.

Top Tips for a Scary Story – Jonathan gives his advice on creating characters, tension and terrifying endings to create brilliant ghost stories.
Hosted by Dark Readers blog

Six Things I Can’t Write Without – from pens to paper, silence to computers, Jonathan gives his essential writing kit and reveals why an uncomfortable chair is a must-have for any author.
Hosted by Overflowing Library blog

The Trouble with Covers – find out why Jonathan thinks book jackets are so important and which cover put him off a book for life.
Hosted by Narratively Speaking

Fashion Accessories for Ghost-hunters – the ultimate guide to must-have fashion for ghost hunters.
Hosted by Winged Reviews

The Write Way – Jonathan answers the vital questions in this Q&A slot. From how he created Lockwood to his favourite recent YA read.
Hosted by Serendipity Reviews

My Three Favourite Ghosts – Jonathan describes his three favourite ghosts from literature, legend and history, and uses the phrase “ectoplasmic flesh”!
Hosted by Fabulous Book Fiend

How I Became a Writer – Jonathan looks back at his childhood, student years and early days as an editor in London to unpick how he actually became a writer.
Hosted by A Daydreamers Thoughts

Ghost-hunting: Tools of the Trade – so, you’ve set up a psychic detection agency, what kit do you need to get going? Jonathan reveals all.
Hosted by Book Zone

My Favourite Places to Read – a hilarious account of Jonathan’s favourite places to read including in the bath, on a walk and in bed.
Hosted by Fluttering Butterflies blog

Location Location – Jonathan describes why he chooses London for the setting of many of  books and why he loves a good map.
Hosted by Read & Repeat


Wed 11th Sept -
Sustaining the Flow

Friday 13th Sept -
Top 5 Classic and Modern Ghost Films


1st September 2013

This week's release of the UK and English language export editions of Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase saw excitement aplenty online, in bookshops and libraries and in the offices of Jonathan's UK publisher, Random House Children's Publisher (check out the Lockwood clock they made 'it's Lockwood time'!).

First off, Jonathan was a guest on Waterstones' official blog where he introduced Lockwood, discussed literary inspirations and made a confession of his own.

Jonathan also popped to the BBC studios in Luton for a live interview on BBC 3 Counties Radio show hosted by Nick Coffer. You can listen again here (skip to 37:00)

A brilliant review appeared on Winged Reviews blog alongside a blog tour stop:
"In trying to articulate my excitement for the wonder that is The Screaming Staircase, I was going to write my shortest ever review and leave it at that, because it summarises the book so well: freaking brilliant. (Well, freaky and brilliant, really)….Recommended for absolutely everyone, kids and adults alike will be enthralled by it."

This week leading books/writing website in Ireland,, reviewed Lockwood and published an e-interview with Jonathan. In the review they say:
"The author of the Bartimaeus trilogy gives us a thrilling, intelligent adventure, with a female protagonist as capable and determined as any of her peers. It's thrilling and often humourous, but most of all, it's creepy."
For the full review and the really interesting interview see the link below.

Already mentioned but so influential and so positive, it needs mentioning again – the glowing review for Lockwood by the Bookwitch:
"This is the kind of book you fall in love with at first sight"

This week also saw release of Lockwood in export territories likes Australia, New Zealand and English language copies in South Africa, Europe, India and more. Some cracking reviews on Random House New Zealand's website:


29th August 2013

Thurs 29th August 2013 is publication day of Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase in the UK, Commonwealth and English langue export market – that means that today fans will be able to buy a copy of Lockwood & Co in English in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the many countries with English-language bookshops like India, South Africa, Europe and more.

To celebrate this exciting day below is a collection of brand new reviews of the book. Watch this space (and Jonathan's twitter and facebook pages) for photos and news of the first few days with Lockwood, Lucy and George unleashed to the world!

"This is the kind of book you fall in love with at first sight"
    The Bookwitch blog

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
SFX magazine

"This smart, fast-paced ghostly adventure promises future chills"
School Library Journal

"I loved loved loved this book! It is exciting and unputdownable. The writing is utterly brilliant and so engaging I was drawn into the story from the start."
Literally Addicted blog

"a fantastically engaging adventure."
Once Upon a Series blog

"Tightly plotted and striking just the right balance between creepiness and hilarity, this rollicking series-opener dashes to a fiery finish but leaves larger questions about the ghost Problem open for future exploration."
The Horn Book magazine, Sept/Oct 2013 issue



First Lockwood event!
August 2013

This week sees Jonathan doing his first Lockwood events! He's at the Edinburgh International Book Festival speaking to crowds of school kids and public audiences about his new ghost-hunting series. To give you a taste, here is Jonathan modeling some of the props he'll be using in his talk!


The Lockwood coverage keeps coming!
August 2013

Two more glowing reviews for Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase this week:

"Smart as a whip, funny, witty, and honestly frightening at times, Stroud lets loose and gives readers exactly what they want. Ghosts, kids on their own without adult supervision, and loads of delicious cookies."
Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal Full review here

"By the end of the first sentence of The Screaming Staircase…I was irrevocably hooked…I guarantee that I'll be handing this one out right and left: After all, it's an easily described, high-interest story—Murder mystery! Ghost story! Teen entrepreneurs! Business rivalries! Midnight feasts!—and it's absolutely fantastic across the board."
Kirkus Reviews Full review here

Also, an interview: Literatwo was one of the first media outlets to interview Jonathan about Lockwood & Co earlier this year. Based in Germany, the site asked some probing and insightful questions really getting to the heart of Jonathan's new story. Literatwo has just translated the interview in to English for more fans to enjoy. Read it here.


Lockwood UK website launched
August 2013

The official Lockwood & Co UK website is now live. For video clips, audio extracts, games and trailers, check it out at:

You can even leave a message for Jonathan on the messageboard – go on, drop him a line, he needs some company while he's writing Lockwood book two!


Lockwood & Co UK Blog Tour is announced
August 2013

Random House UK is delighted to announced a blog tour to celebrate publication of Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase.

Jonathan will be guest-posting articles on some of the very best book blogs in the country. It's a privilege to work with these bloggers, all of whom are passionate about books, sharing them and shouting about them.

The blog tour has already kicked off on the Dark Readers site with a post where Jonathan reveals his five top tips for writing a ghost story.

The tour schedule is below – do check out the blogs on the relevant days for more behind-the-scenes info, funny anecdotes and writerly advice from Jonathan.

Already live:
Friday 9th August –
Monday 12th Aug -
Friday 16th Aug -
Thursday 22nd Aug -
Monday 26th Aug -
Thursday 29th Aug –
Monday 2nd Sept -
Thursday 5th Sept -
Wed 11th Sept -
Friday 13th Sept -

There's a few more dates to confirm, so watch this space for updates.


Lockwood and Co UK trailer is released!
August 2013

Shut the door, turn the volume up and most importantly keep the lights on – the UK trailer for Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase has been released by Random House Children's Publishers. It's scary stuff, watch it if you dare at

Tell Jonathan what you think about the trailer on his facebook site or on twitter. Does it make you want to read the book? Is it scary enough or too scary? Would you want to work for Lockwood & Co?

The three covers






One month countdown begins!
August 2013

It's under one month until Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase is unleashed to the world!

Jonathan ran a competition on twitter and facebook asking fans to guess how many times the word 'ghost' appeared in the book. Twenty fans who guessed closest have won an advance copy of the UK edition to read before anyone else.

Lockwood international tours announced!
August 2013

Publishers across the world are eagerly awaiting the autumn release of the first Lockwood & Co book: The Screaming Staircase. Jonathan will be on the road for three months this autumn meeting readers young and old in schools, bookshops, libraries, festivals and more. A number of these international tours are now ready to be announced. Click here for details.

Glowing reviews for Lockwood & Co continue!
August 2013

With just a month to go until UK publication, excitement is building worldwide. More reviews heaping praise on Jonathan's news series have come in:

The Metro newspaper includes Lockwood in its summer books round-up, saying "Suspenseful, supernatural adventure." Full review here

"It's a dark and scary roller-coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seats from the very first page to the last. It's gripping, engaging and full of explosive action."
Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books Full review here

"With plentiful wit and good humour, more than a few chilling moments and, above all, refreshing creativity, Jonathan Stroud has constructed an energetic, fast paced narrative that trips nimbly back and forth from the present to the past as he first sketches and then deftly paints this fascinating's a ripper!"
Science Fiction World Full review here

"As with many of Jonathan Stroud's novels, there is plenty of humour, sarcastic wit and laugh out loud moments. This is very different from the Bartimaeus series, but Stroud manages to tell this story very well. I look forward not only to the rumoured screen adaptation, but to the next title in the series."
Askews and Holt newsletter


The book Rick Riordan says you "need to read"!
June 2013

Bestselling author of the Percy Jackson series, Rick Riordan, has just read Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase and given it a glowing write-up. Here's an excerpt from his review which you can read in full on the link below:

"Ancient evil, unsolved murders, powerful ghosts and nefarious mortals - this story will keep you reading late into the night, but you'll want to leave the lights on.

"Stroud is a genius at inventing an utterly believable world which is very much like ours, but so creepily different. Put The Screaming Staircase on your 'need to read' list!"

Lockwood & Co jackets revealed plus first chapter
June 2013

The jackets for some of the major international editions of the first Lockwood & Co book, The Screaming Staircase, have been revealed. With much buzz on social media, Jonathan Stroud’s publishers in the US, the UK and Germany all simultaneously published their jacket images. The US jacket was in fact released in an exclusive deal with online news site, Entertainment Weekly, alongside the first chapter of the book. Click here to view.

Let Jonathan know what you think via @JonathanAstroud or via his Facebook page.

The buzz is building!
June 2013

With just over two months to go until publication of the first Lockwood & Co book, The Screaming Staircase, a sense of excitement and anticipation is definitely growing.

There are some amazing marketing plans to make a bang come publication day – look out for digital assets like an choose-your-ending video game, a cinema-style trailer and an interactive storytelling partnership. There’ll be blog tours, events tours, virtual talks, twitter chats, competitions, festival appearances, special mailings, coverage in major newspapers, promotions especially for libraries and schools, international trips, and even a bit of fancy dress!

Keep checking this site for more news and excitement!

First reviews for Lockwood & Co!
June 2013

The coverage has just started – the first reviews are just in:

“A hugely enjoyable fantasy-adventure page-turner”
Robin McKinley, author and reviewer
Full review at

“A heartily satisfying string of entertaining near-catastrophes, replete with narrow squeaks and spectral howls.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Best known for the Bartimaeus books, beginning with The Amulet of Samarkand (2003), Stroud writes for a younger audience in book one of the Lockwood & Co. series and delivers some chilling scenes along the way…Stroud made many fans with the Bartimaeus books, and even though this is for a younger audience, his name carries weight with librarians, teachers, and parents.”
ALA Booklist Review of
The Screaming Staircase

"...another wonderfully entertaining read...Another winning ingredient is the humour – not too much, not too little. This is where Stroud is at his very best, the humour in his books is always perfectly in balance with the storyline, never inappropriate and most impressively, consistently amusing, be it wry, cynical, silly or sarcastic."
Fantasy Book Review


Lockwood #1 Almost Finished!
15th February 2013

Jonathan has nearly finished work on The Screaming Staircase, the first book in his new series, Lockwood & Co. He handed in the final draft just before Christmas, and is working on the final proof-reading with his editors in the UK and US. The book will be published on August 29th 2013 in the UK, and September 17th in the US. It will be published in Germany in October 2013. Plans are underway for a major series of author tours. Jonathan will visit the US in the second half of September, and tour extensively in the UK in September and October. He’ll launch the German edition at the Frankfurt Book Fair in mid-October, and return to tour Germany in November.


Lockwood & Co: Movie Deal Announced!
25th October 2012

Variety magazine in Hollywood today broke the news that movie rights to Jonathan’s new series, Lockwood & Co, have been bought by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. They plan to turn the first book – The Screaming Staircase – into a live-action film.

The rights were sold over the summer after negotiations with several studios. You can read more about the exciting deal here.

Read Jonathan’s reaction to the news on his blog here. He’ll be responding to your questions on his Facebook Fan Page too:


Celebrating publication of NEXT with a an exclusive extract and twitter interview!
5th June 2012

Thursday 7th June sees new anthology NEXT released in the UK. It's a collection of short stories exploring the idea of life after death written by some of the best authors working today and edited by the award-winning Keith Gray. Jonathan has contributed a story called Green Fields. It is published by Andersen Press.

To promote the publication of NEXT, The Guardian website is hosting some exciting activity...

You can now read Jonathan's story in NEXT exclusively on the Guardian website for a limited period here.

Jonathan will also be taking part in a twitter interview about NEXT this Thursday (7th June) at 16.00 GMT. He will join other contributing authors like Malorie Blackman and Philip Ardagh to answer all and any questions from fans around the world. Tweet any questions using the hashtag #nextgdn anytime from now until the interview, or post questions on Jonathan's Facebook page and they'll be included in the interview.


Visit the Facebook Fan page!

21st March 2012

Jonathan has given the first details regarding his latest project, Lockwood & Co. He says:
"After a few exciting weeks working on publishing deals in the US, UK and Germany, I'm so pleased to be able to announce my new project: Lockwood & Co.

"The series contains lots of ingredients you'll recognize from my earlier books – there's plenty of action, suspense and humour. But this time there's a definite supernatural twist too, as we follow three young operatives of a Psychic Detection Agency as they battle an epidemic of ghosts in London.

"Deals concluded so far are with Disney-Hyperion in the US, Random House Children's Books in the UK, and Random House in Germany. The first title will be published in the second half of 2013.

"I'm having great fun writing it, but as it's at an early stage I can't say too much yet. I'll be sure to keep you fully posted as I go along. Meanwhile I hope you like the name and . . . watch this space!"

To hear Jonathan talk about Lockwood, and see the first fan reaction, visit his Facebook Fan Page.

Visit the Facebook Fan page!

Live Twitter Chat on Monday 19th December!

Jonathan will be chatting live on Twitter via Tesco Magazine's Kids' Book Club on Monday morning at 11.00 a.m. UK time. Send him your questions in advance, or take part live! For all the information about how to get involved, click here.

Click for the Book Club

Solomon wins Prix Millepages!
17 December 2011

The Ring of Solomon has won the French Prix Millepages 2011. This is a prize awarded annually by the Millepages independent bookstore in Vincennes, Paris.

The Ring of Solomon

New Stroud Interview Online!
15 December 2011

Jonathan's latest interview – with – is now available to read online. Covering a huge breadth of subjects, it touches upon which author encouraged Jonathan to write as a kid if he 'improved his spelling' (!); how Jonathan structures his working day; his most trusted reader; and the best bit of feedback about his books. A really insightful interview packed with loads of new material, it's highly recommended. Check it out here!

Read the interview

Patrick Hardy Lecture 2011
3 November 2011

Jonathan's speech for the Children's Book Circle's annual Patrick Hardy Lecture is now available to read here! It's called 'The F-Word: Writing Fantasy for Children', and was given on September 27th at the offices of Puffin Books in London. In it, Jonathan discusses his love of fantasy books, his influences growing up, the creation of Bartimaeus, and the relevance of fantasy writing in the modern day.

Click above to read Jonathan's Patrick Hardy Lecture 2011 online

Click here to download a PDF of the lecture

The Wishing Charm
15 October 2011

Jonathan's new short story, The Wishing Charm, is now online at the Tesco Magazine's Kids Book Club site! It's a sinister tale of magic and retribution, set several hundred years ago. To read it (and maybe leave a review), click here.


New Interview Podcast now online!
4 October 2011

Jonathan recently recorded a 30-minute interview with Kid You Not Podcast, in which he discusses (among many things) writing, editing, his characters and the creation of Bartimaeus. You can listen to it all here . . .


Patrick Hardy Lecture 2011
27 September 2011

Jonathan will be giving the prestigious Patrick Hardy Lecture 2011 in London on 27th September at 7pm. He'll be speaking on 'The F Word: Writing Fantasy for Children'. This lecture is given annually by speakers from the world of Children's Books, and is organised by the Children's Book Circle. Click here for more information. Entry to the event is £5. Children's Book Circle members can get in free, but everyone is welcome! See the Events page for address information.


'Lost' Bart chapter is let out into the world as The Ring of Solomon publishes in paperback!
5 August 2011

Today sees UK publication of the paperback edition of The Ring of Solomon, the fourth book in the Bartimaeus sequence. To celebrate this publication Jonathan has exclusively released an extract from an early draft of the book that has never been seen before. Click on the cover, right, to read the lost chapter. Also check out Jonathan's Facebook fan page where he hung out (virtually) yesterday answering questions from his fans.

Click the cover to read the lost chapter!

Ring of Solomon shortlisted for Inspiration Awards
21 July 2011

The Ring of Solomon is on the shortlist for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards, in the Read It Or Else category. Starting on 3rd October 2011, readers will be able to vote online for their favourite book in a range of categories. The winners will be announced in February next year. More info on this when the full shortlist is announced in the autumn.

Ring of Solomon wins the Battle of the Kids’ Books!
6 April 2011

After a gruelling tournament, lasting several weeks, The Ring of Solomon has come out as the winner of School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids’ Books 2011! It won through four head-to-head ‘contests’ against other recent books to claim the crown. Each round was judged by a well-known US author. You can read the four separate judgements (and find out about the other 15 great titles) on the SLJ website here:

Round 1. Judge: Adam Rix
Round 2. Judge: Patricia Reilly Giff

Round 3. Judge: Karen Cushman

Round 4. Judge: Richard Peck

Ring of Solomon shortlisted for Los Angeles Times Book Prize!
22 February 2011

The Ring of Solomon has been announced as a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize 2010, in the Young Adult category. There are four other finalists in this section – details can be found at The prize will be awarded at a ceremony in the city on 29th April 2011.

Jonathan joins Facebook and Twitter
17 February 2011

A new Jonathan Stroud Facebook Fan Page has been created! It'll be stuffed full of reviews, news, competitions and chat about all his books. Jonathan will visit the site regularly and join in the discussions. He's also joined Twitter! Join in the conversations by clicking below.

  Jonathan Stroud Facebook fan page         @JonathanAStroud on Twitter

The Amulet of Samarkand Graphic Novel out in UK!
3rd February 2011

The beautiful Amulet graphic novel is finally published in the UK on February 3rd! A collaboration between Jonathan, adaptor Andrew Donkin and illustrator Lee Sullivan, it took 18 months to create, and is a wonderful recreation of Bartimaeus and Nathaniel’s first adventure.

  Click here for full details about the book and its creation.