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Latest reviews for
The Whispering Skull

  A plethora of recent glowing reviews for Lockwood & Co: The Whispering Skull. "A page-turner at its peak, Jonathan Stroud has written another rip-roaring success of a story that has all the chills and thrills of the first book and the added depth of characters and their relationships that build over time and develop." . . .

  Halloween this autumn saw a lot of love for Lockwood & Co: The Guardian showed the world what ghosts actually look like in a Guide to Ghosts inspired by Lockwood and described by Jonathan . . .





The Whispering Skull on tour
   The past fortnight has seen Jonathan take to the road again to visit schools, bookshops and literary festivals talking ghost-hunting, magnesium flares and, of course, tea and biscuits! It's been a fantastic launch for The Whispering Skull . . .

Hertford Literary Festival shines!
   Jonathan took part in the inaugural Hertford Children's Book Festival this week. He joined a host of top authors including . . .



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